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Hi, I'm Amy. I am a UI/UX designer and a stick figure enthusiast. I've taken an unusual career path having spent most of my time in the semiconductor industry where I was in SoC Research and Development and Innovation Leadership. But my accomplishments are all rooted in the idea of design thinking and user first and it doesn't hurt that I got my start at Motorola in web development.

The process of discovery and constant consideration of the audience has driven the success of every project I've lead for years. Developing things people really want makes what I do extra satisfying. This process included a lot of listening, and it never hurt to clarify the story with the help of a few stick figures.

As a solutions development and innovation leader for Motorola and its successors, I delivered results that improved cycle time, reduced defects to near zero, increased employee retention and increased patent submissions to reach 2x goal.  

You know you love what you do when you can't wait to do and learn more and more. I look forward to it every day. A new opportunity to learn, create, inspire others and empower ideas is my favorite thing about UI/UX. It's a joy applying my skills to making UI/UX solutions that resonate with audiences.

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My husband and I left Austin, Texas a couple of years back to explore the East Coast. We ended up buying a house in the Shenandoah Valley that was built sometime in the 1800s. Although the house had been updated along the way, it had also been abandoned at one point and needed help (with everything). We are almost done with renovations. I wonder where life will lead us next.